City center urban renewal

By 2015 the EU is planning to modernize 12km of railway, the part of larger European railway network. In Trencin the planned constructions will significantly influence historic and other inner-city areas particularly sensitive to development. This is unique opportunity to rethink the city and to make significant urban changes in the city center and waterfront that will work as the catalysts for social, cultural and economic development of the city.

The city seeks to prepare a plan for the urban renewal that will support sustainable development and will help to build and strengthen the city identity, economic vitality, sociability, public pride, commitment and sense of ownership. We want to make the project of the urban renewal to be a success story of improving the overall quality of life in the city.

Figure :
Blue _ old railway bridge will serve as a promenade bridge for pedestrians
Yellow_new railway route with the new railway bridge over the river.
Pink_new urbanisation areas
Green_inundation areas
Red circle_ broader inner city regenerated area