TRENČIN is YOU _rethink the city

project of participative urban planning in City of Trenčín, Slovakia


_By 2015 the EU is planning to modernize 12km of railway, the part of larger European railway network. In Trencin the planned constructions will significantly influence historic and other inner-city areas particularly sensitive to development. This is a unique opportunity to rethink the city and to make significant urban changes that will work as the catalysts for social, cultural and economic development of the city on the river.

Target groups and their needs_Therefore the city initiated a large-scale public deliberation process adressed to all target groups in the city: residents of the inner-city zone and other city areas, representatives of all types of local communities, associations, NGO´s, institutions or authorities, local small, medium and large scale companies and other stakeholders, experts in architecture, urban planning, transport-planning, economy, history, sociology, ecology, landmark care etc. The aim is to specify together the terms and conditions for an upcoming architectural and urban competition on the city renewal in 2014.

Strategy_The strategy of the project is based on the on-going activities and existing profesional network which are going to be enriched by the international transfer of know-how in the field of urban development and participative urban planning. The public participation has been recognized just very little as a tool in urban design and planning and it has never been used in this scale in Slovakia or in the Eastern EU region. Therefore the partnership of the City of Trencin and professionals from Slovakia and abroad will enable the city to improve their practices and become an excellent best-practice example for cities in Slovakia and around Europe facing the similar urban and development issues of the city on the river in 21st century.

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